Joining the Knights of Fire III New Jersey

The original Knights of Fire began as a group of firefighter (and other public safety agency) motorcyclists who started a riding club in 1990. As the club is headquartered in Carlstadt, a group of riders from northwest New Jersey set out to start a chapter that served Morris, Warren, and Sussex counties. In March 2006, the group was chartered as the Knights of Fire, chapter III. The chapter’s main goals were riding, having fun, and giving back to the community. Even though the club mostly consists of firefighters, EMTs, and police officers, it is open to the public. The chapter schedules events all year round, both near and far. On top of many rides scheduled throughout the year, we have monthly meetings, and Knights Night Outs (KNOs). To better accommodate members that do shift work, meetings are held on the third Wednesday on odd-numbered months, and the third Thursday of even-numbered months. The meetings are held at 8PM, and are usually held at a various fire stations within the tri-county area. The Knights Night Outs are held at 7PM on the first Thursday of the month. The KNO is a fun night out, usually to get something to eat or to do an activity like mini-golf or bowling. In addition to riding and the monthly scheduled activities we have a barbecue in the summer and a holiday party in the winter.

Application Process

If you are a firefighter or other member of public safety, you would apply as a regular member. If you are a civilian, you would apply as an associate member. The only restrictions are members must have a motorcycle 400 cc and above and must be 18 years of age or older. The application can be mailed to our club post office box or hand delivered before any business meeting. Upon the chapter receiving your application, you will meet with our membership committee and be invited to attend the next business meeting. During the business meeting, your name will be read to the membership at large and you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself. At the following meeting, a second reading and vote will be taken. Any potential member must attend two meetings, in person, within 90 days of starting the application process, otherwise the application will be considered dropped. Meeting dates and locations are posted to the website calendar.


Colors and Dues

Upon successful acceptance to the chapter, a member is considered a prospective member, and must pay annual dues of $60.00* before they can start working on their colors. Time served as a prospect is essentially a probationary period. In order to advance to a full member, you will need to earn your full colors. Colors are earned in two stages: first you will earn your rockers, and then you will earn your center patch. To obtain your rockers, you must attend six events, two of which must be motorcycle rides. Upon making the six events, the rockers will be presented at the following meeting. There is a $50.00* one-time lease fee to obtain the rockers. To advance to the center patch (full regular membership) you will do another six events, two have to be motorcycle rides, and pay another $50.00* one-time lease fee. Prospect time is what you make of it. There are plenty of opportunities to attend events. A good rule of thumb is to expect three months earning your rockers and another three months to earn your center patch. Once you are a full member, to stay in good standing, you must attend six events a year, two of which must be motorcycle rides, and pay your annual dues.


The chapter participates in the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). You don’t have to be a member of the AMA to join or be a regular member, but AMA membership is encouraged. While riding, any member regardless of membership status, shall possess a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement, registered motorcycle in safe operating condition, and automobile insurance with coverage that meets or exceeds the state minimum. Members will adhere to the rules and policies as set in the club bylaws and standard operating guidelines. The club prides itself by maintaining a level of professionalism; members shall become familiar with our group riding hand signals. Blatant unsafe riding acts such as reckless riding and stunts will not be tolerated. Motorcycling is a dangerous hobby and mode of travel; members are encouraged to participate in motorcycle safety courses. Safety courses are offered by agencies such as, but not limited to, Rider Education of New Jersey, who has various courses ranging from beginner to experienced rider. As with any recreational organization, the major source of funding comes from member dues and fees. To keep operating smoothly, members are asked to get involved by helping out on projects, and serving on committees. Everything mentioned in this page should be considered reliable information, and may not encompass every situation or question. *Dues listed are subject to change and were current as of December 31, 2011.

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